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Hi people!

As you know, I've been recently in Bologna for an excursion, I visited the Sanctuary of San Luca, at just 2 km from Bologna, and so, I'm going to tell you something this little jewel.

The road to get to San Luca.
The Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca is situated on a hill nearby Bologna, 289 metres above sea level.
It is reachable both by car or by walk, starting from Porta Saragozza through a long and typical porticoed path, that is almost 4 km long.

THE STRUCTURE - The exterior
The Sanctuary belong to the Baroque period, as you can see from the dynamic shapes and volumes. On the top there is a big dome with a lantern. 
The facade, that not covers all the behind shapes, is formed by the jutting part modelled on the pronao's classical shapes. Linked to the facade's sides, the portico has two curvilinear wings that hold the large square and that conlude themselves with two pentagonal tribunes.
The entry portal is flanked by the statues of San Luca and San Marco, created by Bernardino Cametti in 1716.
The old monastery and the bell tower are mixed in the meridional side of the Sanctuary.

THE STRUCTURE - The interior
The interior is characterized by an elliptical plant where the Greek cross is inserted. On the top of the presbitery there is the icon of the Vergine col Bambino.
Between the works you can find inside, there are the altarpieces of:
Donato Creti - L'incoronazione della Vergine/La Vergine e i Santi Patroni di Bologna (the Coronation of the Virgin/The Virgin and the Patron Saints of Bologna);
Guido Reni - La Madonna del Rosario (the Virgin of the Rosary);
Guercino - Una versione del Cristo che appare alla Madre (a version of the Christ who appears to his Mother);
Domenico Pestrini.

The frescos are made by Vittorio Maria Bigari and Giuseppe Cassioli. The stuccos are made by Antonio Borrello, Giovanni Calegari, with the statues made by Angelo Gabriello Piò.

The edifice has been building since 1194, until the conclusion in 1765.
The most recent part is the result of a new intervent, more radical, in 1723, imposed by the contrast between the new major chapel and the rest of the constuction. Those works happened without disturbing the arrive of pilgrims: in fact, walls of the new compless were built surrounding the elder ones, that were later destroyed.
A wonderful view from the central door.
From 1931 to 1976, it was possible to reach the Sanctuary of San Luca by a panoramic funicular railway, tha has been abandoned in 1976.

This is the first of 3/4 articles I would write about Bologna in these days (here the second part).
Hope you'll like it, see you soon.


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  1. Every structure of Italy have single beauty type.
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