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Hi! I think this will be the best part (or, at least, the tastiest). In fact, I will talk about Bologna's cuisine, that's one of the best in Italy.
Here, you'll find just four of the most appreciated and known food of Bologna.

The "Ragù Bolognese"
Ragù is a word that has French roots, used to indicate a meat and tomato based sauce. In the ingredients, we find the beef meat, that is the most important. Furthermore, with the meat, we have the lard, it has been replaced by the extra-virgin olive oil. In the original recipe, there was the milk too, but it isn't used anymore. The perfect match with the tagliatelle or the lasagne.

In theory, tagliatelle were invented for the marriage of Lucrezia Borgia in 1487, by the court chef, taking inpiration by the long blond hair of Lucrezia. But this legend was invented by the illustrator and humorist from Bologna Augusto Majani in 1931.

According to the legend, tortellini were created by the landlord "Guercio e Bolognese" (Blind and from Bologna), taking inspiration from the belly-button of Venus or of Lucrezia Borgia. The recipe of tortellini has been registered in 1974, and the ingredients are: a puff pastry made of flour and eggs and a filling made of: pig, prosciutto, mortadella of Bologna, Parmigiano Reggiano, eggs and nutmeg. The tradition calls for tortellini cooked and eaten in a good chicken stock.

Mortadella di Bologna IGP is registered on the basis of well precise characteristics. It has been the same for ages, but in the Middle Ages some spices were added.

Well, the "Bologna series" ends. Hope you'll like these type of articles. Let me know.
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